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Tips with searches

Title and author searches

You do not need to type in the entire title or author, just a portion of the entry. If you are using the 'similar' match option with these searches, you will get the best results if you type in as much as you can. Typing a single word will result in many matches that probably aren't what you're looking for.

Keyword searches

A keyword search will search for words in the order that you enter them i.e. 'New Zealand History' will find items with 'New', 'Zealand' and 'History' appearing in that order. If you are not fussed about the order of the words, then use a plus sign (+) between them. For example 'New Zealand + history' will find titles with 'New Zealand' and 'History'.

Search Hints

Suggestions for other searches based on your last search are available from both the results page and an individual item page.

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