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Combining search results

You can combine the results of one search with another to either narrow or widen your search results.

For example a keyword search for 'New Zealand' is likely to return a large number of items which makes the list rather difficult to manage. You can reduce the size of the search result by using the 'Search this Result' button. This is like starting a new search, however the results of the second search will be based on those items included in the first. For example, your second search could be based on the publication year being greater than 1990. The final search result will therefore include all books about New Zealand published after 1990. The 'Search this result' option is the equivalent of a boolean 'AND' search.

Another method of combining search results is using the 'Add to result' button. This also combines the results of the next search with the previous one, however in this case the results are added together, so you will get ALL items included in both search results. This can be useful where the number of results in your first search is relatively low and you wish to include additional criteria. For example your first search for 'Anorexia' may have given you only a few titles, however you can combine those results with a second search for 'Bulimia' which will probably give you a larger number of titles.

The 'Add to result' option is the equivalent of a boolean 'OR' search.

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