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Advanced Search Options

Searches on specific fields

You can choose to search on specific item fields, for publication date, ISBN etc. To do this, ensure that advanced options are displayed, enter your search criteria in the 'Search for' box, select the field you wish to search and click on 'Search Field'.

To search a range of entries (e.g. publication dates from 1970 to 1973), enter a hyphen between your entries (i.e. '1970-1973'). The following operators are allowed:

>Greater than'>1997' for publication year, will find all entries after 1997
<Less than'<1997' for publication year, will find all entries before 1997
=Equal toThis is the default for non text fields, however text fields (e.g. title and author searches) normally search parts of the entry for what you have typed. If you wish to search ALL the entry, then place the equal sign at the start of the search criteria.

The 'Add to result' option is the equivalent of a boolean 'OR' search.

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